Member Type:
Senior Counsel

Granting of Silk:

B.Iuris (cum laude), LL.B

Areas of Practice:
Farber SC specialises in commercial litigation, with particular emphasis on the law of contract, insolvency and company law. He also specialises in matrimonial law, dealing with matters relating to propriety consequences of divorce, and has furnished several opinions for use in foreign jurisdictions in relating to that issue.

Farber has held several acting appointments, both in the High Court of South Africa and the Labour Court, and has acted as an arbitrator on many occasions. Farber SC has been a member of the Johannesburg Bar Council from 1988 to 1999, serving as its chairman from November 1997 to October 1998, and has also been a member of the General Council of the Bar. He is the current chief examiner of the National Bar Examination Board.

Contact Details:
Email: gfarber@law.co.za
Phone: 082-575-1913