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Admission to Society:
April 2000


  • BA (Wits)
  • LLB (Wits)
  • Accredited Mediator (with Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution [CEDR], DiSAC, SAAM and NABFAM)

Areas of practice:
High Court Litigation and Mediation in Family Law matters including:-

  • Divorces involving substantial estates
  • Matters in which proprietary consequences require determination including matters involving contractual interpretation, assets held in trusts and other corporate entities, and pension interests
  • Matters involving children, Parental Responsibilities and Rights disputes including the allocation, conferment and removal of parental responsibilities and rights to and from third parties (pre and post-divorce and unmarried fathers)
  • Customary marriages
  • Adoption applications both local and inter-country
  • Surrogacy matters
  • Statutory removal applications (foster care / place of safety)
  • Sexual abuse matters involving adults and children
  • Acting as Court appointed mediator
  • Acting as Court appointed Parenting Coordinator
  • Acting as Court appointed legal representative for the child
  • Acting as Curator-ad-litem
  • Hague convention applications
  • Domestic violence matters
  • Maintenance and related matters

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