Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of The Maisels Group

The members of the Maisels Group are independent sole practitioners. The first element of the philosophy that binds us together is, paradoxically, that we are a group of individuals and that we value our independence and individuality.

The second principle on which our association is based, is that of non-exclusivity. Any advocate, whatever his or her race, gender, religious belief, political orientation or philosophical persuasion may be, is welcome to the Group. However, the members came together and formed the Group for the specific purpose of transformation. Each member subscribes to our transformation policy.

A third element of our philosophy as a group is the pursuit of excellence. We are fortunate to follow in the footsteps of great and remarkable advocates. We make it our business to ensure that we render services of the highest standard and to ensure that the young advocates who are members of the Group develop into, not merely competent, but outstanding advocates.