Pupilage Programme at Johannesburg Bar

In order to practice as an advocate at, and to become a member of, the Johannesburg Bar (Society of Advocates, Gauteng┬áLocal Division), it is required that candidates complete the Johannesburg Bar’s pupilage programme and pass the National Bar examinations.

The pupilage programme is administered under the auspices of the Johannesburg Bar Council in conjunction with the General Council of the Bar. The members of the Maisels Group participate in the pupilage programme as members of the Johannesburg Bar Council and/or members of the Bar who lecture to the pupil advocates.

Generally, once a candidate is accepted by the Johannesburg Bar as a pupil member, the pupil member is allocated a mentor. With the recently extended period of pupilage, the Maisels Group views the obligation in respect of pupils more as a group responsibility than an obligation which rests solely on the shoulders of the individual mentor. Pupils in the Group have the opportunity of receiving advice and guidance from members at all levels of the profession and there is thus the opportunity for the transfer of skills in accordance with the best traditions of the Bar. Pupils are, nevertheless, also encouraged to take responsibility for themselves. There is an outstanding success rate in the National Bar examinations amongst pupils who have undergone their pupilage in the Group. Where appropriate and where practical, the Group attempts to accommodate its past pupils as members of the group after they have completed their pupilage and passed the National Bar exams. A significant number of our current members did their pupilage at the Maisels Group.

The Group is mindful of its objectives in regard to its transformation policy in affording pupils the opportunity of undergoing pupilage at the Group.

Persons wanting to apply to undergo their pupilage at The Maisels Group are welcome to inform the Secretary of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates or its representatives of their request.